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Trekking in Krabi

One thing for certain you will never forget your trek, with or without elephant.There is no better way to enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery Krabi Province has to offer than from the back of one of these gentle giants.

This excursion includes one hour elephant trek and one hour cave sightseeing. These treks start at a time convenient to you that can be arranged at time of booking.

About Krabi nature elephant trekking and river camp.We are based at Ao Nang just 20 minutes from Krabi and there we invite you to climb aboardone of the five elephants.

Then suddenly you're high above the ground and heading into this amazing scenery where the quiet will envelope you as you relax into the swaying rhythm of the elephant's walk on a one hour trek.

The elephants are not working elephants, they work only with tourists; some elephant trekking operations abuse their animals by forcing the animals to trek with tourists after a long day working in the forest, controlling the elephants with fear and violence which can only lead to frustration and anger in these otherwise gentle creatures.

All the elephants are well looked after, well fed and watered and above all respected, we hope and believe they are happy; a happy elephant is a safe elephant.

After the trek we head to Sra Keaw Cave a huge overhanging cave of multiple tiers each pillared with stalactites which we give you time to explore at leisure, providing you with drinks and snacks.

Here you can also swim in the mineral water pool that emerges from the cave and samplesome of the local pineapples.

It's a good idea to feed the elephants, they won't forget the kindness, but it is watching the dexterity of their trunks that is the real pleasure.

On the half day tour we give you a chance to see that dexterity put to use as our elephants put on a working demonstration for you.

You will not believe just how clever and strong these animals can be. After we say goodbye to the elephants we will show you one of the newer attractions in this ancient landscape by taking you to some of the areas that featured in the movie 'The Beach' starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Kao Panom Benja
View Point Railay Bay
Tarn Boke Koranee
Lagoon Railay Bay

Tharn Boke Koranee

Spend a morning taking a leisurely walk up by the Tonsai waterfall, or, if you want to spend the day walking in the quiet majesty of a tropical forest, there's an eight-kilometre trek right through the park from Bang Pae waterfall to Ton Sai.

Guides are available at the park, and for 8 kilometres definitely advisable! Much of the forest's wildlife tends to stay out of sight, but stay still for a while and your guide will point out the telltale sounds of all sorts of animals. If you're lucky, you may even see some of the forest's unusual creatures. A small museum and information centre is located near the bottom of the waterfall.

To get there, take Route 4027 east from the Heroines' Monument for about 7 km. The entrance is clearly marked at the left. Note that all national parks in Thailand charge foreigners


Kao Panom Benja National Park

Lies about 20 kilometers from Krabi Town. It is composed mainly of virgin forest growing amid craggy hills and valleys.

These two hills, roughly 100 meters tall, flank the Krabi River running between them to form a distinctive vista and the town's most prominemt landmark. To visit them, take a longtail boat form Jao Fah Pier; travel time is just 15 minutes. From there take stairs leading up to caves with stalactites and stalagmites. A large number of human skeletons have been found here. It is theorized that they are the remains of people who came and established a home at Kanab Num, but were cut off by an inundation and quickly perished.


Swampy Forest Tha Pom and Klong Song Nam

They are located at Tambon Kao Kham far from Krabi town 35 kms. On main road Krabi-Aoluk. It is amazing canal where salty and fresh water are met. Kayak and canoe tour are provided for anyone


Hot Waterfall

In the jungle, near an amazing emerald lake, a hot spring water is waiting for you.

The Hot Spring and Hot Waterfall of Klong Thom are wonderful and perfect for soaking in after a long day tour. The minerals and the temperature (37 - 39 C.) of the springs are ideal, for Hydrotherapy Bath. A walk in the wild jungle gives you the opportunity to observe the natural wildlife.

If lucky you will see the rare Pitta Gurney birds through to be extinct until discovered in this small jungle only 15 years ago. This walk leads you to the crystal pool.

Lagoon Railay Bay

There are some fantastic treks around the Railay area. There are the spots that you will hear about, which you will easily find, such as the lagoon, high view point and Diamond cave, and there is the other more interesting stuff which will require a little more effort. Hidden jungle valleys, beautiful caves and lagoons....

The jungle is teaming with noise and color. If you're lucky you may see the monkey tribes mischievously playing in the rainforest canopy. Gibbons, Langours and exotic birds occasionally make guest appearances.

Although it's actually connected to the mainland the spectacular Phra Nang peninsular is effectively isolated from the outside world by towering limestone cliffs and steep jungle valleys.

As you enter this primeval world the riot of smells and sounds that assault your senses will leave you with an unforgettable experience.


View Point Railay Bay

This is a pretty well trodden path (Pictures on the right). Half way along the path to Phra Nang beach there is a very steep looking muddy path. You clamber up this and then follow an even steeper path down into the lagoon. Another path at the top branches off to a view point.

Top Tip1- Do not attempt this when it's wet, as the path turns into the mud slide of death

Top Tip2- Best to do this at high tide, as the lagoon is tidal. If you do this walk at low tide you will be rewarded with a pool of mud....

Top Tip3- Best to dress in brand new white clothing so as to provide a suitable canvas for the ubiquitous red mud...


View Point Koh Phi Phi

Not much to see in Koh Phi Phi unless you take you take the hike up to view point where you get a fabtastic view over the narrow strip of land joining the two hills that nake ups the islnd and also get eaten alive my largest mosquitoes in SE Asia. Boat trips ca take you round the island or to nearby Phi Phi Leh, home of the sea starlings that provide the nests for the famous chinese bird nest soup.


Emerald Pool

Located in the area of Khao Pra-Bang Khram, east of Klong Thom. You can visit the crystal lagoon and the Thung Teao waterfall. Hot springs, found both in Krabi and neighbouring Phang Nga Province can be found here.

The no-hunting zone next to the Bang Teao Village, is a 2.7 km forest trail - the Thung Teao Trail - which begins and ends at the Khao Nor Chuchi Sanctuary Headquarters further south. Information can be obtained from the "no hunting" office at Ban Bang Teao.

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