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Best Snorkeling

Krabi has some excellent snorkeling spots ... Koh Hong and Phi Phi Lei ... to name the top spots.

However no snorkeling waters are easily accessed so going with a Guided Tour is the only real option to snorkel. Plus, any unprotected waters have been over fished and depleted of most life by local fisherman. Phi Phi Don and Railey have somme fish in the water, but no spectacular reefs within swimming distances.

Best Snorkeling Site : Krabi
Clear Water at Ko Rok
Snorkeling with plenty life


4 Islands : Ko Chuek, Ko Ngai, Ko Mook and Ko Kradan

Our traditional long tail boat will take you out to explore Some of the deserted tropical Islands in the Andaman Sea such as Poda Island Chicken Island, Taloo Island and Ao Phra Nang beach.After snorkeling off the sun drenched reefs you'll be Provided with a picnic lunch beneath the shade of the Coconut trees. The boat trip back can be arranged to coincide with sunset. The sunsets here are something not to be missed!


Snorkeling Ko Hong

This “island of rooms” is a prefect escape and a must to visit.  Renowned for its breath-taking beauty, shallow coral reefs and white sandy beaches.  Visit the secret lagoon.  A picnic lunch, fruit, water, cake and coffee.  Loads of time for swimming and snorkeling. A short stop at Pakbia and Lading Islands.

Snorkeling Koh Rok

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities in Koh Lanta. Most of the tourists when they visit on Ko Lanta. They will buy a day trip for snorkeling. Ko Rok Trip or Four Islands trip ( Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, Koh Chuek, Koh Kradan ). Since the island possesses many islands, each of which offers the magnificent underwater paradise, there is a day or a few-day-trip for snorkeling on the scattering islands. The most popular destination for snorkeling is Koh Rok, the beautiful island within the Koh Lanta National Marine Park. Because of the white sand beach and crystal clear water that you can see the coral reefs and fishes. And it' s more easy from here to get to these islands. The island is famed for its abundant and colorful coral beds and breathtaking panorama.

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