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Sight Seeing Nearby Krabi

Nearby Krabi Town also have attraction place from the list below.

Tam Phee Hou Toe
Emerald Pool
Tarn Boke Koranee
Hot Waterfall

Phee Hou Toe and Lord Cave

Is in Tambon Tap Prik on the way to the old market, Sri Trang- Pracha-utit Rd. Its source is in the Panom Benja Range of mountains. The waterfall has 11 levels, each of which contains a natural pool of clear water at least 4 or 5 metres wide. Wahng Tehwada, Wahng Sok, and Wahng Jahn are the main ones.

Hot Waterfall

In the jungle, near an amazing emerald lake, a hot spring water is waiting for you.

The Hot Spring and Hot Waterfall of Klong Thom are wonderful and perfect for soaking in after a long day tour. The minerals and the temperature (37 - 39 C.) of the springs are ideal, for Hydrotherapy Bath. A walk in the wild jungle gives you the opportunity to observe the natural wildlife.

If lucky you will see the rare Pitta Gurney birds through to be extinct until discovered in this small jungle only 15 years ago. This walk leads you to the crystal pool.

Kao Panom Benja National Park

lies 20 kms. outside Krabi town along the old market road to Ban Huoy Toe. It covers 50.12 sq.kms. in Kao Panom,Muang (Town) , and Ao Luk District. It is mostly dense forest and rugged hills among which are various interesting spots,such as:

Tahm Kao Ping : a cave lying 3 kms. from the National Park Office. It includes 5 places with stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes and shapes, some resembling a stupa, a curtain,or a mushroom. The cave wall has beautiful glittering white streaks. There is tourist accommodation which can be reserved. For details,contact the National Park Office, Tambon Tap Prik, Muang District, Krabi 81000

Nam Tok Huoy Saday : Springs from a tall cliff. It is 1.2 kms. from the National Park Office.

Nam Tok Klong Hang : It is about 500 metres high and springs from Kao Thaep Benja, which is the tallest mountain in Krabi and is 10 kms. from the District Headquarters.

Nam Tok Ton Hahn : is 16 kms. from the District Headquarters. Its source is the same as that of Klong Hang Waterfall, but it is not so high.

Emerald Pool

Located in the area of Khao Pra-Bang Khram, east of Klong Thom. You can visit the crystal lagoon and the Thung Teao waterfall. Hot springs, found both in Krabi and neighbouring Phang Nga Province can be found here.

The no-hunting zone next to the Bang Teao Village, is a 2.7 km forest trail - the Thung Teao Trail - which begins and ends at the Khao Nor Chuchi Sanctuary Headquarters further south. Information can be obtained from the "no hunting" office at Ban Bang Teao.

Tarn Boke Kora Nee

Is punctuated with monumental limestone crags like God's exclamation marks and coddled by rainforest, mangrove thickets, and freshwater swamp forests. Near the parking lot are wooden walkways built over rushing waters and small cascades. The area is surrounded by trees and, sheltered beneath a limestone cliff is a lagoon with lapis lazuli water, where you can swim. Over by the Visitor's Center designed mostly for Thais, not tourists are the usual food stalls serving the country's staple diet .


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