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Sightseeing in Krabi Town

One of the most pleasurable things to do in Krabi is hop on a boat and set off on a cruise around the myriad islands of the Andaman Sea. Krabi boasts 132 of these under its jurisdiction, from dramatic rocky outcrops to picture postcard deserted islands.

When sightseeing in Krabi, popular trips from Ao Nang and Railay include the four-island tour, which take in the local islands - Chicken, Poda and Tub - visible from the shore, or the five-island Hong Island tour, which visits four beautiful islands in a pristine part of the Tharnbok Khoranee National Marine Park.

You can also make day trips to the Phi Phi Islands from here, a highly recommended excursion. From Ko Lanta, you can visit the islands of Koh Rok, with their astonishingly clear water and memorable snorkelling.

Trips can be made by longtail boat or by speedboat. Longtail boats have the advantage of being quite cheap and easy to charter, meaning you don’t have to join in with a tour and can set your own itinerary. They are also more traditional and less reliable, but can be slower and often wetter rides. Speedboat tours are the way to go if you want to cut your travelling time; they are definitely recommended for trips further afield, such as Koh Phi Phi. However, they do make for a bumpy ride, especially if there are big waves.

If you prefer to spend a day on dry land, there are many sight-seeing activities on the mainland. A day wandering around Krabi Town is a great way to get an insight into Thai culture, with its bustling morning market - the biggest in southern Thailand, pretty riverside walk and hundreds of little shops. This is also the place to come if you want to sample some authentic southern cuisine.

Further inland, a popular sightseeing tour such is to Tiger Cave Temple, a forest meditation centre, to Kao Kanap Nam- a symple of Krabi province, Houy To waterfall, Tha Pom Klong Song nam, The 40 million-year-old Shell Cemetery and much more.

Kao Kanap Nam's Cave
Houy To Waterfall
Shell Cemetory
Tar Pom
Wat Tam Sua

Kao Kanap Nam

Khao Khanap Nam..Two little hills, about 100 meters high, flank the Krabi River which runs between them to form a distinctive vista and the town's most prominent landmark, in fact the very icon of Krabi Town

To visit them, take a long-tail boat from Chao Fa Pier, dont worry every boat man will ask you to go. Travel time is just 15 minutes. From there take stairs leading up to caves with stalactites and stalagmites.

There are two legends concerning the origin of the name "Krabi". The first is that villagers presented a large ancient sword (or gRa-BEE) that was discovered by chance and given to the 1st governor of Krabi.

Regarded as sacred and auspicious, the swords were placed crossing each other in Khao Khanap Nam cave. Since then, the crossed swords have remained a part of the provincial seal of Krabi.

Swampy Forest Tha Pom and Klong Song Nam

They are located at Tambon Kao Kham far from Krabi town 35 kms. On main road Krabi-Aoluk. It is amazing canal where salty and fresh water are met. Kayak and canoe tour are provided for anyone.

Tiger Cave Temple

Just 9 kms. far From Krabi Town. They said there was a tiger lived in this cave so that name it is. This temple is surrounded by trees for over hundred age and many caves to survey.

Houy To Waterfall

This waterfall has eleven levels. The pools are named, and the best known is Wahng Tewada (Angel's), Wahng Sohk (Year's), and Wahng Jahn (Platter).

Houy Toe Waterfall is in Tambon Tap Prik on the way to the old market, Sri Trang- Pracha-utit Rd. Its source is in the Panom Benja Range of mountains. The waterfall has 11 levels, each of which contains a natural pool of clear water at least 4 or 5 metres wide. Wahng Tehwada, Wahng Sok, and Wahng Jahn are the main ones.

Shell Cemetory

The 40 million-year-old Shell Cemetery in Krabi province has some of the oldest shellfish fossils on earth. Although not immediately impressive – the site looks as though it houses a number of concrete blocks – closer inspection proves more rewarding. The blocks you see are in fact thousands of shells stuck together to form a solid mass about 200 meters wide and 50 meters thick. Apparently, most of the shells are Gastropods and the blocks are formed from lignite deposits. If you are especially interested in the earth's prehistory, this will be a great place for you to visit. This is still somewhere worth visiting even if you are not.


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