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Koh Ngai or Koh Hai ( Island ) : Ko Ngai (Hai) is one of the Trang Islands, and is about 15 km south of Ko Lanta and less than 10km northwest of Ko Muk. It is fairly small, hilly, rain forested, has some walking trails and a handfull of nice beaches. The main one faces east, is about 3 km long and contains about half a dozen resorts. Most of these are midrange, but there are some budget options.

All the other resorts on this beach seemed a step up in luxury from Hai Villa, except for KOH HAI SEAFOOD - here you have simple tents with a thatched sun/rain shelter overhead. The restaurant is a bit cheaper than Hai Villa, the food good, but be vigilant when the bill arrives.

Koh Ngai or Koh Hai 's Activity

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  • Swimming and Snorkeling in the warm crystal clear water in front of your bungalow, join one of the many tours or walk to one of another beaches on Koh Ngai Island. Our staff will be happy to show you how to snorkel and what/where to look for.

Scuba Diving Koh Ngai ( Island )Short trips around the Koh Ngai Island, Short trips nearby Islands (Koh Ma Koh Chuak Koh Mook Koh Whaen or Kong Hin Nok Koh Rok Koh Ha Kong Hin Daeng Kong Hin Muang, Day Trips include Lunch), Night dives around and nearby Islands

  • Sea Kayaking Koh Nai (Hai Island)
Snorkeling Koh Ngai
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