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Ao Nang or Ao Nang Beach is located in Tambon Ao Nang, Amper Muang, Krabi Province . It's shape is curved bay, 6 kms. Long. Ambience around Ao Nang is breath-taking with limestone mountains. Ao Nang is one of the most famous place in Krabi Province .

Ao Nang far from Krabi town around 20 kms. A taxi in front of Voak Depaertment Store in Krabi town leaves to Ao Nang daily every 5 10 minutes. Shopping at Ao Nang is popular for either Thai and foreigner tourists.

Because of crystal clear blue water, beautiful sandy beach and amazing cliffs & hills, Ao Nang is renowned for Thai and foreigner tourists, getting there is also very convenient. Moreover, it is near Krabi Town and others famous sightseeing place such as 40 th million cemetery of shell just 10 kms. and 15 minutes to Railay by long tail boat pass limestone mountainous in the east. There are piers to go to Phi Phi Island and Ko Lanta at Ao Nang twice time a day.

There are a hug of interesting activities at Ao Nang to fill up tourists leisure holidays such as diving at Moo Ko Phi Phi, Ao Losama or dive site in Ao Nang area, snorkeling at 4-island in Krabi (Ko Kai, Ko Mau, Ko Pauda, Ko Thap) or sand blank tour (Koh Kai, Ko Mau, Ko Thap) these islands far from Ao Nang around 5 8 kms. Others activities, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, jungle trekking, elephant trekking, learning archeology at Wat Klong Thom Museun, visit hot waterfall and emerald pool, these are waiting to visit.

Unwind and release oneself on Ao Nang Beach with many cozy bars, restaurants and shops in the nighttime. Accommodation is also easily along Ao Nang Beach, you can choose one that suite your budget.

Beside Ao Nang Beach, there are unique wonderful beach nearby such as Nopparatthara Beach , Klong Muang Beach and Thapkheak Beach .


Noppharat Thara Beach

Nopparatthara Beach : It is 4 kms. long next to Ao Nang Beach. Notable lush green pine trees line up along Nopparatthara Beach where many shops and seafood restaurants located. Thai and foreigner tourists like to play beach sport and picnic here.


Tab Kaak Beach

Thapkheak Beach : 10 kms far away from Klong Muang Beach . Thapkaek Beach is a privacy and peaceful beach. Shady lush green pine trees line up along this white sandy beach is attractive for tourists.

Soak up sunbath on the beach or swimming in the clear water is a happy time. All resorts are very wonderful style and harmonious with nature.



Ao Nang Activity

Ao Nang's chief feature is a long white sand beach set against crystal clear water, people also come here for a full range of activities such as diving, kayaking and trekking. The beach enjoys a vibrant nightlife which includes excellent seafood restaurants dotted along the beach and some bars that offer live music. Ao Nang has numerous agencies were it is possible to arrange trips to attractions and activities available in the vicinity. Bird watching is a favourite in the area, as are jungle treks and boats to neighboring islands. Diving is another popular draw and again agencies in the area arrange dives for all levels. They also offer liveaboard trips that take in the local islands. Day trips are relatively inexpensive, but ask around for the most reliable places and shop around for the best deals. So, Ao Nang is quite a small beach and can get crowded that you can enjoy with.

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Klong Muang Beach

Klong Muang Beach : If tourists need peaceful and beautiful beach, Klong Muang is their answer. It can reach by walk from Ao Nang Beach. There are 4-5 stars hotels located some part of the beach. They are luxury and notable design. Tourists can relax on the sandy beach or go for walk to see little creatures which hide in the rock. Some part of the beach is parallel with a road which far from just a few meters. From Klong Muang Becah tourists can see Leam Hang Nak where place of Thai royal is located.

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