Krabi's Activities and Alternative Attractions.

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Krabi's Activities and Alternative Attractions

There are very many things tourists can do in Krabi to while away their time. You can just go around enjoying the scenic beauty of the land and enjoy the hospitality of the people. Thais are a very polite and friendly people and what they look for is only a smiling face in you.

If you really want to enjoy the Thai experience by really taking part in some adventurous activity, there are all sorts of facilities in Krabi.



Just a few days in Krabi, or staying a little longer?

There's so much to do...Whether it's just a few days or longer, here's a few suggestions to make the most of your visit.

If you only have 3 days we suggest you take to the water, both above and below the surface. (After all it's warm - 28 degrees on average!) Visit the islands, take in the sun, go snorkeling and get to know the fish!

For a total contrast, especially if you're not used to the sun, head for the cool interior. Visit the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua) on a mountain top for a totally different perspective.



Most of the diving gear shops in Krabi are located in Ao Nang.

There are a lot of agencies who operate tours based in Ao Nang. There are two well known places in Krabi where underwater sight seeing is popular. Koh Po Da Nock , otherwise called Chicken Island is one of them which is hardly half an away.

At Koh Po Da Nock, underwater caves are visited by divers. There is one cave which is about 60 metres long.

But the most famous location for underwater sight seeing is the Koh Phi Phi island area which is some 3 hrs away by boat. The tour is arranged from Ao Nang. Under water coral reef various species of colorful fish are seen in this area.

No where in the world is as simple as that in Phi Phi Island as far as snorkeling is concerned. Simply snatch a pair of goggles and paddles. You can move into the shallow waters. Then the mystery of underwater life is clearly visible in the emerald green sea.

There is one ship wreck also in this vicinity. The ship was a local passenger ship from Phuket which sank along with 600 of the passengers a few years back, of course with no casualties. Divers can now see the wreck on the sea bed.

A group of German divers manage an outfit called Poseidon Dive Center. But for the heavy monsoon season from June to August, they are always in service.



The pristine coral reefs are home to thousands of exotic fish. Floating over the clear waters you will feel like you are flying through a world of three dimensional colour. Swim through fantastically coloured schools of tiger and parrot fish. Watch whole rocks explode in colour as sea urchins blink out their many patterns. If you are lucky you may sea the friendly leopard sharks Lying on the bottom. At up to three meters long these Amazing creatures are so docile that you can actually stroke Them!


Canoeing & Kayaking

Low haulage crafts are the best option to serious tourists who would like to explore the caves and mangroves. The calm shallow waters permit even less experienced people to take the kayaks into the mangroves and caves for their study of the living organisms and plant life


Krabi and the surroundings have been an ever lasting challenge to rock climbing enthusiasts. There are very few alternatives to this area to see so many cliffs with steep climbs straight from the river beds.

The limestone cliffs that is ubiquitous in Krabi provide a real treat to the climbers. Krabi has witnessed endless adventurers who would like to scale the steep cliffs and mountain sides, overhangs and cave roofs for the scrutiny of stalactites.

Guided climbing and Instructions for beginners are available in many centers where more tourists demand climbing gears. Especially in Ao Nang and Rai Ley area, there are plenty of them.

It should be in the best interests of the tourists to select genuinely qualified guides for the assistance.



Krabi's mainland interiors are an irresistible attraction to nature lovers. There are quite a few national parks in the area. The parks include caves and mountains, rocky outcrops and waterfalls, streams and rock pools. These scenic spots can better be reached by mountain bikes or motor bikes.

Guided tours are available to take the tourists through the spots where scenic beauty and exotic plants and animal life are in abundance.

A much favored area for hiking is the Koh Phanom Bencha National Park. Another one is Koh Pra-Bhang Khram near to Bang Teao village. The trai lthrough the forest, Thung Teao trail take you on a circular trip from the gates of the HQ of Koh Nur Churchil Sanctuary.



From Ao Nang, long tail country boats can be rented for the day. This facility is also available in other areas like Krabi town, Rai Ley or Phuket. Big game fishing expeditions are arranged by agencies to catch Barracuda, Marlin, Tuna etc. In Phi Phi Islands, you can have a number of charter companies to assist you.



wondered how it would play out…do we cook and then eat each dish? Or cook them all and then sit down to a feast for lunch? It turned out to be the former and each dish turned out to be a full-sized plate/bowl.

On the other side was more muck where our slippers were almost lost in the sticky mud. Our teacher, Pin, met us at the dock and off we rode to the Siam Cuisine Thai Cookery School

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