Koh Lanta's Activities and Alternative Attractions.

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Koh Lanta 's Activities, Alternative Attraction and Tour Operators.

Taking a break from sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving in Koh Lanta is possible. There are many other activities waiting to be explored.

Ko Lanta is very diversity of nature. The archipelago comprised of over 70 small islands. Most of them are in the national park area which guarantee truly unspoiled. Many islands nearby are very rich of underwater life on a square mile of coral reef. Some have magnificent beaches which worthy to visit.

Many people come to Ko Lanta for some of the world's best scuba diving in the surrounding Andaman Sea . However, the island offers many other great activities and tours suitable for all members of the family including snorkeling, hiking and caving, boat tours, fishing, kayaking or rent a Jeep and sightseeing around this diversity island is worth.

Sightseeing - Koh Lanta ( Island )

Koh Lanta Island is a long thin island running north through south. The west coast (or sunset coast) faces the Andaman Sea with a string of beautiful white-sand beaches that host the island's resorts. Halfway down the koh Lanta Island, the paved road turns from the west and crosses the mountains to the east coast. This beautiful drive takes you through rice paddies, rubber tree plantations and jungle and though a number of small Muslim villages . The turnoff right to Mai Kaeo Caves can be found opposite the small mosque in the small village after school.

Just before dropping to the eastern plateau the road sweeps round a bend to a view site with a spectacular view of the sea between Ko Lanta and the mainland, with its scattering of tiny tropical islands. The view includes many tiny islands with the Thai mainland as back drop. Binoculars can be borrowed from the restaurant if you stop for a soft drink or meal. Colorful local fishing Boats can be viewed close-up on many beaches. See them in large groups on the southern end of Klong Dao Beach or next to the paved road between Klong Kong beach and the National Park turnoff. Follow the road south towards Koh Lanta Village, you'll see rice paddies and prawn farms.

Turn off left to beautiful old Koh Lanta Village when you reach the main Police Station (on right). If you continue you'll pass the Buddhist Temple and the Hospital before coming to the Sea Gypsy Village.

The Sea Gypsy Villlge at the southern end of the east coast offers a glimpse of these ancient people, many who continue a nomadic existence on the sea. The village consists of small houses where these people live private lives. Please respect their privacy and be sensitive about where you point your camera. If you're lucky you'll see their unique fishing cages, rigid constructions of about 1x2x3 meters with an entrance gate. They are taken to places where tides concentrate fish, swum down to the ocean bottom and tied to rocks to keep them from being swept away (all without diving equipment!).

EAST ROUTE (Rote #2)

For an alternate route where the paved road swings left to the view site hill, continue straight on with an unpaved road that follows the coast northwards. You can turn left over the mountains after 8 km (to Long Beach) or continue on the road till Ban Saladan. This scenic route offers views of rural island life with small villages, farms and prawn farms next to raw jungle.

The waterfall reduces to a small shower in the dry season, but the fresh water pool is great for a cool dip, Continue your walk back past the road and follow the stream to Klong Jark beach – one of Koh Lanta Island 's prettiest small beaches

Enjoy a walk through the jungle to the waterfall near Klong Jark beach in the south. The 45 minutes walk is not strenuous and follows a small stream. Guides can be had for a small fee at the café where the road fords a stream.

For something out of the sun, take a hike to the popular Mai Kaeo Caves. Turn right off the paved road just after the mosque till you see the parking place. A guide from the family owning the land will walk you up through rubber tree plantation and jungle over rope bridges to the cave entry.

The caves consist of a series of spectacular chambers with rock stalagmites, stalactites and rock formations. It involves some climbing up and down of rope ladders but is not too strenuous. When you spot people with muddy clothes and big smiles, they're just back from the caves!

The Koh Lanta island National Marine Park is at the southern tip of the island at the end of a spectacular coastal drive. The park offers picnic areas with toilets & showers, a nice beach, and a really interesting one-hour walk through unspoiled jungle (starts at the HQ building). A small lighthouse on the southern point is a popular photo-shot. Take your own food for picnics – cold drinks are usually available.


Snorkeling - Koh Lanta ( Island )

If scuba diving is not familiar with you, down here also have many snorkeling sites offer.

One of the best is Ko Rok , 30 km south of Ko Lanta, the twin islands with magnificent beaches covered by green tropical forest. Offshore is a square mile of coral reef with colorful sea life. The water is transparency clear with over 30 meters sighting. For the one can't swim is also can enjoy and see underwater life from the boat. On the island are also have a thousand year the Banyan tree jungle, folk of big size monitor lizards and a troop of shell crabs.

On Ko Lanta have one day tour named “ Four Island Trip” . This will lead you to Ko Cheuk and Ko Waen , snorkeling among colorful soft coral with a hundred of Nemo. The trip also let you visit Ko Nga i or Ko Kradan , one of the magnificent beaches with coral reef off shore. The highlight is at Koh Mook, the small island with hidden beach at the heart call “ Emerald Cave ” . You need to swim through the darkness passageway. It is gently wider and more illumination, awaiting the tip will understand what the emerald cave is. Out side the cave is tiny beach at the middle of chimney of limestone cliff at the heart of the island.


Trekking - Koh Lanta ( Island )

It’s good luck for Thai people to walk under an elephant. The symbol of the elephant is also the Royal Power. But it’s also fun to ride them. Elephant Trekking is limited during the low season on Koh Lanta as the elephants move around the country where there are tourists. But at Klong Jaak Safari, you can ride elephants all year-round although it is a bit difficult to get to.While riding, the elephant will take you to a promenade in the jungle to see rubber plantations.


Thai cooking class - Koh Lanta ( Island )

Thai food combines the best of Eastern cuisines; it is fresh, fast to cook, healthy and totally YUM, YUM! Like the word “Thai” which means free, we are not rigid in our approach and interpretation of a dish, but embrace creativity. In our workshops we also include some of Junie's own FUSION dishes.


Diving - Koh Lanta ( Island )

The most reputation of Lanta is the dive sites. Hin Daeng and Hin Muang were rate from international dive magazine as world top ten diversity sites.

Hin Daeng or Red Rock is a huge pinnacle protrudes three meters above the surface. The east side is shallower with two long narrow ridges gentle slope in to the blueness, pleasing with lush red soft coral. The southern of pinnacle fast drop as the huge wall dotted with soft coral and sea fans.

Hin Muang or Purple Rock is just a few hundred meters away, the underwater rock is about 200 meters long and narrow round top with two side wall. The site is pleasing with lush purple soft coral insertion with large sea fans of red, white and orange. Both sites often found large schools of jack tuna, large size barracudas, gray reef sharks, huge needle flying fish and long toms and sometime huge whale shark and manta ray.

Koh Ha is a group of five tiny islands west side of Koh Lanta. The interesting is the series of underwater caves look like a cathedral. At Koh Ha Yai the caves are very complexity. The main cave is safe to enter; look back will see the lighting pipe passing through the hole of chamber is illusion. Penetration into the passage way at the rear of the main chamber is dangerous and it is not recommended.

The other sites are as Hin Bida , Shark Point and Ship Wrack which more near to Phi Phi island but easy access from Koh Lanta.


Canoeing and Kayaking - Koh Lanta ( Island )

Koh Lanta has beautiful green scenery on the island and traveling on a canoe is a great way to explore the mangrove forest, rice paddies and intriguing caves. It is easier to join a tour for a one day-trip. Usually the adventure starts at Hua Hin Pier. You will canoe through the jungle bypassing Koh Rah Poo Don where the view includes cliff, limestone formation and caves. You will have lunch on the beach and start to paddle again to Koh Pang, a small island with a large cave inside—if you're not afraid of bats, it can be extremely fun. The sightseeing includes other interesting explorations such as stalactites, crossing the seashore of Koh Pang and Koh Rah Poo Lay before returning to Hua Hin Pier. A trip like this should not be more than BHT1,000 per person. The best place to enjoy Kayaking is around Koh Talabeng.

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